Friday, October 10, 2008

1 Peter 1:13-25 - Hey Holy People: Be Holy!

Mull that title over a few times and tell me how much sense it makes. It's kinda like telling a fire to burn, or telling a fish to get wet, right? Well, ironically that's the sort of call we find over and over again in the New Testament. Our passage this week is from 1 Peter 1:13 - 2:3 where Peter moves on from his theological presentation on the believer's salvation to a life application matter: be holy!

As you read this passage on your own in preparation for this Sunday (high hopes, I know, but humor me) if it weren't for what I'm about to tell you, you'd probably skim the words, hearing it the same way you perhaps have since you were a kid in Sunday School. But what if I dared you to know what holiness really meant? What if the same root word of Holy (hagios) appeared elsewhere outside of verses 15 and 16 in a way you might not expect. In our handouts page, there is a new BSL handout for the word "Holy." I encourage you to read it and consider the term anew.

This Sunday we'll take a close look at what it means to be holy. But also come prepared to find an intriguing new motivation to heed God's command for us, His chosen people, to be holy to the praise of His name.

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